Thursday, September 15, 2011

A good life is awesome

Hi aidil adhwa , (: well i want to tell you something that I always keep inside :P
when at the first  time i was looking at you,I feel like I was the first women who is falling in LOVE again ,and felt like I was alive and come back to wake up that LOVE is such as a GOOD moment fer me. And yes,I found a right MAN, and the MAN is you AIDIL ADHAWA BIN ROSLEE (:
Let me introduce you these people , from my left is aidil adhwa,me(rara),shasha,and izzat.I really can't forget this time,at the time we hang out together just like a nust person who is the one found the freedom .we are feel like O MY GOD ! damn awesome when we had a good time together LOL :D guy's you are the one can set my mind free ,and yes i love you so much <3

She is Shasha, she is mine ? Any problem with me ? haha i just want to drop 'shasha ,i do love you when im with you ,you rocking my reall world baba " hehe 
Nah, nothng much here .I just wnat to said ,I really love you and yes everyday i do (:
Thanks GOD ,you give me him :)

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