Wednesday, May 11, 2011


  • YOU are totally lame
  • YOU are too suck for being with others friends
  • YOU are seem look so shitty for everyday                       well,it's okay .i will be fine for sure.what's goes around come around ..

I am HEART BROKEN & yes it's hard for me to walk away. Don't worry im so sure i will be fine .Im so naive and im just a weak human being. I got nothing and what is for sure is i will never to forgot you my ex lover. cause to cheers you in my life & to remember you for ever is already make me so need you even you can heard me if i do that ,it's will heal my broken heart. I am sorry for not to take a good care fer ya,& forgive me if im not good enough to be your lover.But ,after all we had done and now we are so over i would like to said thank you for love me this before.

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