Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I am a good lover

Life seem like so shitty after all we have done for all the time we breath . I got a long journey ,and yes I must be strong to stand with this foot . I can smile even I have a worst day in my life. I want to be someone that can make he happy and stay with me for ever . And I always pray that you will never ever leave me. I never though that I can be someone special in his life until one day he whisper to my ears and said 'Darl ,you are the best thing that I never have .you are the one who can set my mind free,you are interesting girl I never though ,you took my heart and you the one that I can feel good and warm.' and HE said: 'Don't leave me ,cause I will die without you,even in a very minute you leave me ,and yes rara I love you to death' I hope so that he will keep his word until the end of the time. I felt so glad to heard that and so proud to have a MAN like you... 

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