Friday, December 24, 2010

This is the day when we are together


he is kind weird sometime,he is too funny and a lil bit emotion,sometimes he always wondering 
why a girl he love would did a shit at his back
even he could do anything just for her(his ex girlfriend ) one day he promise that he will play a cruel game for all girl ,to make them fall in love,and left her simply ,including me.and he keep his word would not to fall in love for a second time. I always use that word and Hasif is a new intake in my 
college,and i though i will do the same thing like he wish cause i also won't make a relationship in college,i just want to fool of every guy's. On wednesday,5.30 p.m, Hasif gimme a call and ask me to company him to pasar malam and I just agree ,while we walking suddenly he reach my hand and I was shock and he fell guilty and he said sorry thru the phone. But then both won't play that game and we fall in love each other ,and won't hurt our feelings . He have a sad story just like me,he born to get life but he got a cruel paid,when he grow up,he judge him self and said, he is already grow,and try to learn to give and take. he also a human being ,perhaps can making a good history with the one he love now,and that girl is me,luck i finally found him and yes i really thanks to GOD,cause HE give me love.And i won't let it go cause he is the one can set me free, wipe my tears ,kiss me at the head before we leave,and make me happy for my every single day  
Asif <3 Rara

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