Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Im so Upset ;(

I just woke up ,meanhile i'm still wondering why am i still thinking of him non stop.Na gile rase nye .
Today sangat-sangat lah tertekan and sunddenly ,I'm started smoking back. Hm.. Just because of one guy
takan bersikap positif.Nahh...never mind ,may be tomorrow my life will be better then this.
I'm try reach my phone ,still flight mode.I won't turn it to normal back,cause I was thinking if i'm swicth it to normal mode,who's gonna gimme a call or bagi mesej was it true? It's too bored being single, like a death body waiting for a new life.Jeszzzzzzz.~ What will make me happy ? soalan bodoh. Mestilah tiada siapa pun.
I just realise that he(ex boy friend) gonna kill me with a last good byep.Ceh,bagusnya dia carik pengganti.
Im' totally blank.! what am i should do after this? do am i looks like a dumb ?I told you my friend, this is my second nightmare. WATAFAKMAN. sudah sakit,dan akan bertambah teruk. setip kali hujung bulan i'll meet up doctor for check up LOL. so sad, there's no one can wipe my tears. too bad.., aku menyesal.

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